The Birth of Anchored Coffee & Roast, LLC

I’d like to introduce myself, William (Bill) Davenport. I am the owner/operator of Anchored Coffee & Roast, LLC. I served over 20 years in the United States Navy and retired as a Chief Petty Officer. My career was varied and challenging and spanned across a variety of platforms. I spent time in Aviation, on Ships, at Staff Duty, with Research-Development-Test & Evaluation command, Special Operations Command, and Expeditionary Command to name a few. I enjoyed just about every single minute serving this amazing country of ours!!!

Since my humble beginnings as a lowly squid in the Navy, I had an interest in coffee. More so about drinking coffee! As I grew and traveled the world, my interest in great coffee started to grow and expanded beyond the “brew’s” you could get at the normal box stores. Traveling afforded me the opportunity to try some unique coffees and beans from around the globe. It was during this time that I got into the hobby of roasting coffee beans. It was very small scale and allowed me to hone my craft to learn how to draw out flavors and highlight flavors of a bean. I really did enjoy roasting and enjoying great coffee.

My time in the Navy was coming to an end and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do after I retired. I knew I didn’t want to be a contractor for the US Government and I didn’t want to be a civil service employee. Entrepreneurship was something that always intrigued me and owning and operating my own business was something I wanted to do. The actual business or niche was something I wasn’t so much sure of. It was early 2018 when a conversation I had sparked the idea of taking my love of great coffee and coffee roasting and turning it into a business so that I could share with people my passion and my love...GREAT COFFEE!!!! So, with my new business identified, I started to put things into motion to open Anchored Coffee & Roast, LLC.

Currently Anchored Coffee & Roast has a presence online and sells here at We sell at local markets like the Farmers Market in Niceville, FL on Saturdays and small businesses in the Florida Panhandle. The interaction with you and being able to talk coffee and share a common bond...great what keeps me going! I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you and I look forward to earning your business and providing amazing coffee to you!

In the future, we look to expand into opening a cafe where you get to see us roast while kicking back enjoying some great java!

I welcome you to Anchored Coffee & Roast, LLC and our page! This is how we came to be and I look forward to having you along as we grow!



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