Coffee Makes Us Feel Great and Lessens Stress & Depression!

     Caffeine is powerful.  Caffeine is wonderful.  It's said that coffee is able to reach all the reward centers in our brain, hence the reason we become happy when we drink coffee, and caffeine is a major part of that happiness!  But how does this happen  Simply put, coffee stimulates the part of your brain that releases dopamine (Link).  This dopamine acts a stimulant that creates an euphoria, or high like effect on your body.  The euphoria can be close to what cocaine produces and caffeine can have psychoactive effects, bundle all this together and you have a drink that you crave that relaxes and triggers happiness within you.

     But can coffee reduce stress and and help reduce mild to medium depression in people?  If so, coffee may just be a miracle drink after all!  Not only is coffee the healthiest drink in the Standard American Diet, now there are claims that coffee can also help to reduce and manage stress along with reducing mild to medium depression.  How can this be?  According to a team of international researchers from the United States of America, Portugal, and Brazil who discovered that, "...while caffeine usually blocks adenosine receptors from activating sleep processes, it also prevents the receptors from reacting to, and causing a stress response, including a bad mood, memory problems, and an enhanced susceptibility to depression."(Link)  It's noted that caffeine wasn't an improvement on our body system, but what caffeine does is prevent the deterioration of our body system.

     Two characteristics of depression are lack of motivation and inability to feel pleasure (Link).  Coffee has the ability to motivate people and bring pleasure to them.  The links are promising that coffee can help depressed people by tackling the two issues depression causes.  Depression may eventually be treated, at least partly, with some great tasting coffee!  Coffee will be an acquired taste for many.  Over time that taste will be refined and the greatness of that drink will be fully recognized!

     Even if you are not depressed or stressed, having a cup, or two, or more, of coffee allows us to feel great!  So know that while you are drinking your next cup of Nectar Of The Gods, you are also helping to fight off depression and improve your ability to handle stress, all while feeling great!

Not a bad reason to enjoy a great cup of fresh roasted specialty coffee!

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