America's Drink...A Cup of Joe

Step onboard any United States Naval Vessel, walk around any Naval Aviation Squadron, visit any Naval Shore Command, or explore any Naval Expeditionary Group and one thing is guaranteed, coffee is the common item that allows Officers and Sailors to function and operate throughout the fleet and around the world!  No one item can compare to the importance of coffee to a Navy Sailor.

In 1773, the Sons of Liberty revolted against unfair taxes on tea and the monopolizing of British Tea Imports by the government, thus throwing the tea into the Boston Harbor in protest.  This protest against the British East India Company, by the Sons of Liberty, had actually been devised and planned in a New England coffeehouse.

In the aftermath of the Boston Tea Party, the Continental Congress declared coffee to be America's national drink!  From the beginning of this great nation, coffee has had an important role in the founding of our great country!

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