5 Health Benefits of Coffee - Drink Up!!!

Health Benefits of Coffee & Why You Should Drink Up!


There are so many reasons why you should start or keep drinking coffee!  There are also a few reasons to maybe not drink coffee.  We are not concerned with why we shouldn't but we are going to focus on why we SHOULD DRINK COFFEE!  Below are a few reasons why you should drink and make coffee a part of your daily routine!

01)  Potentially Lower Type-2 Diabetes.  

Type-2 Diabetes is a major problem world wide.  Millions of people are affected by Type-2 Diabetes and that number is growing daily.  Coffee is showing the potential to reduce the risk for Type-2 Diabetes.  Some results are showing that a daily cup of coffee can reduce the risk up to 9%.  A daily cup of decaf is showing potential to reduce up to 6% the chance.  And people who consume 6 or more cups a day of coffee show that they may reduce 22% their chance of getting Type-2.  This is some promising news! (Link_1) (Link_2) (Link_3)

02)  Reduces Gout Risk.

Drinking coffee regularly reduces the risk for developing gout in men.  A large study was done that involved over 50,000 men.  This is great news for men and a reason why consumption of coffee is good!  (Link_1)

03)  Largest Source Of Antioxidants In The Standard American Diet.

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed drinks in America.  And coffee is estimated to have over 250 different antioxidants.  Because of this, people consume more antioxidants from coffee than they do from vegetables and fruits combined!  This just goes to show that coffee may be one of the healthiest natural drinks available!  (Link_1)  (Link_2)  (Link_3

04)  Alzheimer's Disease Risk Lowered.

Studies are showing the evidence is quite considerable that caffeine greatly helps to reduce the risk for Alzheimer's Disease.  And roasted coffee is being shown to be responsible for reducing the build up of brain plaque that is believed to be responsible for contributing to Alzheimer's Disease.  This makes fresh roasted coffee a must for daily consumption!  (Link_1)  (Link_2)  (Link_3)

05)  Reduce Depression & Suicide.

Regularly drinking coffee is showing a strong correlation between coffee drinking and reducing depression and lowering the risks of suicide.  More testing probably needs to be done but the evidence is showing some promising results.  Especially in women!  (Link_1)  (Link_2)  (Link_3

There are so many good reasons to drink coffee and I wanted to share with you my top 5!  So make sure you regularly consume fresh roasted coffee!!!  Your health just may depend on it!

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Until next time, drink a great mug of coffee!

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