19 Useful Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee is one of the top 100 traded commodities.  Which means, coffee creates a MASSIVE amount of used coffee grounds that get tossed out into the trash daily.  Why not take an active step with reducing the amount of used coffee grounds that get tossed into the trash using one (or multiple) of these 19 uses for used coffee grounds!  You might just find that besides being beneficial by being friendly to the environment, you'll find they may just be fun to do also! 

Without further wait, lets dive into what the 19 uses for used coffee grounds are!

01)  Odor Neutralizer.  Used coffee grounds contain nitrogen which helps to fight the odors produced by sulfur.  Use a cup of used coffee grounds in your freezer or refrigerator to help pull the odors out of the air.  You can also keep some close to the sink so you can use while washing your hands after handling foods like onions.  BONUS:  You can use fine mesh netting or an old clean sock to fill with used coffee grounds and hang them in a closet or room to draw odors out of the air!

02)  Use In Your Compost.  Your compost will be boosted to the next level if you add your used coffee grounds to it.  Not only does used coffee grounds add additional nutrients to your compost, it's been said that adding up to 40% of your compost with used coffee grounds can help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and is some of the healthiest composts to use.

03)  Natural Cleaning Scrub.  Used coffee grounds make a great cleaning compound.  Add a little bit of water and use a rag to clean a surface.  You want to make sure you don't use on a porous surface as it may stain brown.  It's always advisable to do a small test patch first. 

04)  Eco-Friendly De-Icer.  When it's winter and the sidewalks and porch steps are freezing up.  Salt can be corrosive and can harm your yard and plants.  Use your used coffee grounds as a natural de-icer.  Just make sure you knock the bottom of your shoes good before walking inside.

05)  Furniture Scratch Repair.  Those used coffee grounds can be used to help fix scratches in furniture.  Make a paste with used coffee grounds and water.  Use a cotton ball or cotton cloth to rub the coffee paste into the scratch.  Let it sit for about 5 minutes, then buff the coffee ground paste off.  You can repeat if you need a darker stain or let it sit longer for a darker stain.  This is a great alternative to the chemicals usually used.

06)  Pest Repellent.  Used coffee grounds can be sprinkled around your plants to help keep ants, slugs, caterpillars, and snails off your plants.  It's been said that mixing coffee grounds/ground orange peels/rosemary oil together can help keep stray cats away from things you like.  Sprinkling coffee grounds in the yard is said to help keep fleas at bay.  And soaking used coffee grounds and using the water from the soaking in a spray bottle can be used to spray and keep no-see'ums away.

07)  Fertilizer For Your Garden.  When you are done making coffee, save those used coffee grounds to put into your garden.  For both flowers and vegetables, used coffee grounds add nutrients that are beneficial to your plants!

08)  Make Coffee Candles.  What is better than drinking coffee?  Having sweet smelling candles that smell like coffee!  Use those used coffee grounds to make coffee candles.  This is a great and fun craft project that can be fun for the whole family!  Just be careful as the wax will be hot when you pour the candles!

09)  Fireplace Ash Removal.  When you go to clean the ashes out of your fireplace, many of you know there always ends up a huge ash cloud that gets onto everything.  Well, scatter those used coffee grounds onto your fireplace ashes before cleaning them out.  The grounds will add weight to the ashes and reduce/eliminate the ash cloud and make your experience much more pleasant...and cleaner!

10)  Meat Tenderizer.  Used coffee grounds have enzymes that help to tenderize meat.  Next time you go want to tenderize your steak, ribs, or roast...mix some used coffee grounds in with your rub and rub them onto your meat before cooking.  Not only will the grounds tenderize your meat, it will add an additional flavor to your dinner!

11)  Stimulate Hair Growth / Clean Scalp.  Your shampoos and conditioners leave a film on your head that can build up and start hurting your hair.  If you use a handful of used coffee grounds to wash your hair in the shower, they will help to remove that film, exfoliate your scalp, and help to increase blood flow which will help to stimulate hair growth.

12)  Natural Dye.  Used coffee grounds are great to use for coloring Easter eggs and to create dyes for crafts.  Next time you need a brown, golden, or dark yellow dye, give used coffee grounds a try.  Just mix coffee grounds with water and play around to get the desired color!

13)  Super Size Your Carrots & Radishes.  If you are growing carrots and/or radishes in your garden, use those used coffee grounds when you plant your seeds.  Used coffee grounds will make your carrots and radishes grow nice, big, and healthy!

14)  Pots & Pans Scour.  After cooking in our pots and pans, a lot of times we have food that bonds and needs special attention to remove.  Use those coffee grounds to scour clean your pots and pans without hurting them.  BONUS...you can use coffee grounds to scour clean your sinks too!

15)  Circles Under Your Eyes Treatment.  Take some water and mix with your used coffee grounds to make a paste.  Then apply that paste to those circles under your eyes and let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse off.  Those used coffee grounds will promote blood flow and have anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce those circles.

16)  Flea Remover For Pets.  Next time you need to give your dog or cat a flea bath, use your used coffee grounds!  It may not be as effective as the chemical method, but it's a lot safer for your pets and will also help their fur shine!  Definitely worth a try!  Just use a handful or two and rub into your pets fur to wash them.

17)  Skin Cleaner / Exfoliate.  Take your skin care and cleaning to the next level by using used coffee grounds when you shower.  Use 2 to 3 times a week will help to clean your skin and exfoliate those dead skin cells!  These used coffee grounds are less harsh than chemical options.

18)  Garbage Disposal Cleaner & Deodorizer.  Use a handful of coffee grounds weekly to clean your garbage disposal.  It will also help to get rid of those odors too.  Just turn on your disposal, run your water, and throw in a handful of grinds.  A safe and effective way to clean and remove odors in your garbage disposal.

19)  Color Your Hydrangeas.  Hydrangeas can change colors by the fertilizer used, soil type, and many other factors.  Use those used coffee grounds in your hydrangea garden to create unique colors for your hydrangeas!

I hope these 19 ideas have help to inspire you and given you and idea or two on how to use your used coffee grounds!  These are 19 exciting ways to recycle those old coffee grounds!

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